What will be your criteria to decide whether you are choosing a good educational toy after seeing one? Educational videos, software, Chemistry Kits, Telescope, flash- cards all are known to be the science toys, so which will work more appropriately for your child? According to the theoretical aspects followed by experts, the easiest way to know the solutions is to find out whether the toys are promoting any convergent or divergent thought process of the children? If you are not aware of the two terminologies, then let’s have a discussion for the same.

Convergent Thinking

Ability to tackle things having only one predefined answer by learning the facts and guidelines to move upon for reaching to that answer! This is to develop fundamentals of your child by making them learn the way of reaching to a unified solution, with the help of the given instructions. This will create opportunities related to education in children for giving their best performances in the tests and multiple choice exams.Some Examples can be given here for proving my point: Jigsaw puzzles are designed to have only one correct solution and that can be solved in one way only, mathematical flash- cards are defined to have one correct answer, coloring of the pink pig as seen in the pre schools educational videos is always shown to be pink, and many others.

Divergent Thinking

This defines the way of thinking in the sense of exploring more than one possible answers, creating newer conceptions, and solving conceptualized problems. This is actually the way of thinking of leading personalities in the fields of designing, engineering, and managing the similar operations. They are experts of their work because of the strong thought process habited by their minds, for thinking quietly out-of-the-box.Science toys used for the promotion of this type learning process includes arts-kits and crafts, scientific and musical conceptualized teaching toys, role-playing and different type of costumes, encouraging your child for developing the imagination and socializing skills.

Construction Educational Toys

Best option for the promotion of Both Convergent and Divergent Thinking Process.

For simultaneous setting of the platform for creativity of both convergent and divergent thinking, with the help of the guidelines follow-ups written on the box of the game to reach the making of the modeled sample by the children, constructional toys are the best option. With the follow-ups of the instructions, the required expertise can be acquired
with the help of construction-pieces.A pride and enjoyable feeling gets developed in the child with the accomplishment of the challenging-tasks, just like after completing the LEGO-model building or completion of a puzzle. All of the ideas are for harnessing the emotional energies and moving the kids to THINK!